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The biggest market

… for cider by volume is the UK, with a total consumption of 860 million litres, approximately 13 litres per capita. In comparison wine consumption in the UK is 24 litres per capita and beer, 67 litres. Romania in 2014 had negligible cider consumption and beer consumption.

52% of apples

… grown in the UK, i.e. 250,000 tonnes, are consumed by cider production.

Romanian legislation

… defines “cidru de mere” is made 100% from fermented apple juice.

Other major cider consuming nations

… include France, Spain, Finland, Australia, and the USA. Germany has a regional cider culture in the area surrounding Frankfurt.

In France

… cidre consumption is 90 million litres per year, or 1.5 litres per capita.

Asturias in Spain

… has a long tradition of cider consumption. It was first mentioned by Greek geographer Strabo following his visit during the 1st century B.C.

Sidra production

… in Asturias represents 80% of Spanish production and consumption in Asturias is quoted as 50 litres per person.

USA Consumption

… of cider doubled in 2013 and again in 2014 against the previous year.


… was enjoyed by ancient Hebrews, Greeks, Vikings, Saxons, Celts.

The 12th Century Vikings

… considered cider to be a drink for the Aesir (Gods), whilst beer was for mortals.

During the 10th century

… cider was considered the preferred drink of the nobility in Northern Spain.

When the Romans

… arrived in England the locals were making and drinking cider.